These are the good old days

Never run out of ideas again

What if you didn’t have to trawl the internet for play inspiration? What if your child’s freely-chosen activities were simple to set up, educational and deeply engaging?

How would that change things?

Our coursesA Year With My Child and Get Set Five are designed for parents of toddlers and preschoolers and they’re packed full of fun and sensible advice.

For toddlers

A Year With My Child

It’s hard coming up with new things to do with a toddler. And checking Pinterest for inspiration leaves you drained. Yet more things to buy and an elaborate set-up for something your child may never engage with.

A Year With My Child is here to help.

Learn how to get more play with less stuff with our weekly email course. Read more here.

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For preschoolers

Get Set Five

Do you have a preschooler?

Would you like them to develop some key skills before starting school?

How wonderful to go in on that first day feeling like you belong.

Get Set Five is a week-by-week plan to get your child ready for school.

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For children over five

5 Plus

The promise of 5 Plus is not activities, it’s independence.

It’s a child who can make her own fun, who has interests and the intrinsic motivation to pursue them.

Because making your own fun means less screen time and more creativity. Which leads to less screen time…

It’s a virtuous circle.

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Which courses right for you?

Do you have a toddler, a preschooler or an over-5? Or do you have more than one? Banish those long afternoons and get ready for learning and fun.

More than one child?

Get all three courses for less than half price with this brilliant bundled offer.