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Meet Alexis

I'm a former Early Years teacher and the founder of One Hundred Toys and The Good Old Days. As a father of four, I know how hard it is to find time to create meaningful activities for children.

I love being with my children but I know that it’s good for them to spend time alone, to work things out for themselves. Through the courses I hope to show parents that being alongside their child - in the same room, but without necessarily engaging all the time - is not an abdication of responsibility. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

Children learn through play, through exploration and discovery. They need self-initiated and self-directed tasks. Our job as parents is to make this possible.


Here's what subscribers are saying about the courses:


"Thanks for this email, the resources page is absolutely brilliant. I've been trying to get into this type of play learning with my kids but haven't known where to start or what age to do these things, and this page has completely cleared it up and made me feel confident. I can't wait for the rest of the course."


"I have found your emails so helpful. It has given me structure and focus to my weeks. As you say, you only need to dip in and out as play and getting out to the woods are so important. Soon it won’t be possible except after school."


"I just wanted to say thank you for the 'Get Set Five' emails. When I found out about the course I choked up because it was exactly what I needed but didn't think was out there.

[Even though] I am also a teacher, I am learning so much from each email."


"I’m a primary school teacher too (although I haven’t been back for a while whilst raising my own children) and I absolutely love your website and your articles. I only wish I’d discovered you before having children so that my eldest (now 8.5) could have benefitted from it all too."


"My goodness, this email is what I’ve wanted someone to give me for years!!! What to start with, the progression to make etc. Please don’t ever apologise for being detailed. I was a teaching assistant for years before becoming a stay at home mum, I’ve worked in every age group from year one all the way up to year 6, including teaching phonics sessions to years 1 and 2. But I’ve never worked in early years, and I didn’t know where phonics began.. How to I begin to teach that L makes a lllllll sound? How do I make them grasp that? Do I just start with the alphabet, and teach it in order, or do I start with the most common letter sounds first? I asked my child’s nursery teacher and was just told “oh don’t worry about that, we’ll cover it all in class” - good to hear, but it didn’t answer my question Your email has explained it all perfectly. I’m so glad I signed up to this course. "


"Thank you for the emails. They are really insightful and are giving me confidence in preparing my son for school next year."

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